JANUARY, 2015. DESIGNS IN THE WORKS. Over the last few months we have put in a good deal of dedication into researching left handed 7 and 8 string guitars. We have found that there actually is a fairly decent range of lefty 7-strings and one or two 8 string lefties. Skervesen and Black Machine are the top-end brands (although Black Machine are not accepting lefty orders currently) and Ibanez and Schecter are at the lower end. As usual though, you are paying too much money for these high-end manufacturers and you get-what-you-given at the lower end. Using our Eagle design we are prototyping a 7 string and an 8 string at the moment. If you have an interest in 7 or 8 string guitars then contact us. We would like to hear from you: what has been your experience with 7 or 8 string lefties? Played a Skerverson? Liked it? Hated it? Played a Schecter? Any surprises? (good or bad.) We are interested. We build guitars better than Skervesen or Black Machine, we know that much. If you want the best, buy a Gaskell.

JANUARY, 2015 GOOD NEWS ON PRICING! Right now US, British and European lefties can enjoy prices for Gaskell guitars and all Australian products unseen since before the Global Financial Crash of 2008 as our Australian dollar continues to plunge against the US Dollar, British Pound and Euro currencies. Prices are an incredible 30% cheaper now than they have been for the last four years! This is a "currency crash discount" and you can save hundreds of dollars by buying a Gaskell guitar right now. Jump on it. It may not last forever. Incredible savings thanks to the weak Australian dollar! 


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