MAY, 2015. LAST OPPORTUNITY TO BUY A FACTORY GASKELL. We have been doing a clean up of our production area and we have found a handful of left over Gaskell factory-made guitars and basses that are brand new, never sold, and we will sell direct. Each guitar is discounted for a quick sale. This is the last chance to buy a factory Gaskell. There are no others. These six guitars are the very last ones. Selling now: (1) matt black custom shop Classic PRO Series with gold hardware and Wilkinson pickups - was AU$1500 now AU$1000 (US$804) *SOLD* (2) matt black Custom Shop Classic (PRO Series) with white pick guard, chrome hardware, Floyd Rose tremolo and EMG 81/60 pickups - was AU$1500, now AU$1200 (US$ 945) ... (3) natural Classic (no pick guard) B stock guitar (small 2mm blemish in paint on back) RRP AU$899, now only AU$599 (US$ 471) ... (4) natural Viking bass (RIC 4000) was AU$899, now AU$599 (US$471) ... (5) white Thunderbass - was AU$899, now AU$799 (US$629) ... (6) sunburst Thunderbass - was AU$899, now only AU$799 (US$629) *SOLD*. All guitars are BRAND NEW, unsold, un-used condition. Cases are additional unless otherwise specified. Contact us directly.

APRIL, 2015. "LIVING IN SYDNEY CAN BE HAZARDOUS TO YOUR HEALTH" Run of bad luck for a lot of us here in Sydney, first 3 days of heavy rain (unusual) and massive flooding (also unusual), including a major river bursting it's banks and flooding neighbourhoods, problem being that our workshop is in one of those suburbs near that river. Then, on ANZAC Day, a freak, violent hail storm hits, with flooding and massive damage. Where was the worst of it? Where we live. Double whammy! Living in Sydney can be hazardous to one's health! 

APRIL, 2015. NEW MODELS? We are always looking at how we can provide the best left handed guitars to all lefty guitarists and bassists around the world. We welcome you all to drop us an email and let us know your opinion about what models we should make or bring back, this time in Custom Shop. What do you think?

FEBRUARY, 2015. WARNING! FAKE GASKELLS FROM THE INTERNET. They say "imitation is the highest form of flattery" but when it comes to stealing another's intellectual property there's nothing flattering about it. That is pure criminality. We have discovered recently that there are some supposed "Gaskell" Classics (Explorers) on offer from China direct to the public via the Internet. These are fakes. They may look like our factory Classic model but they are definitely not Gaskells. Our 2006-2013 factory models were made to my strict specifications under an OEM arrangement with one chosen and trusted factory building them. They were built using my templates, my designs. The Gaskell Classic was never a Gibson Explorer clone. Factory Gaskells were intentionally made with the best woods, best hardware, and to the highest standards possible. One half of the manufactuing process took place here in Australia where upon receipt we fret-levelled and set up every single guitar to professional standards. These Gaskell fakes are not being made in our factory and they are not being made to Gaskell standards or specifications. These are cheap and nasty illegal copies, just like the illegal Gibson, Fender, PRS, and Rickenbacker knockoffs that are available from these same people. Be warned. If you buy one of these from someone and you think it is a "piece of sh**" then you know right there it is not a Gaskell. It's a piece of sh**. Despite how illegal this is, it is very difficult to stop these operations as they just disappear suddenly and open up again under a different name. You end up playing Whac-a-Mole all around China with these people. We kindly ask you and anyone you know who is a left handed guitarist to not buy these illegal fakes. It's easy to get a real Gaskell guitar. Just come to us direct or deal with one of our authorized distributors.    

FEBRUARY, 2015. CASES FOR LEFT HANDED GUITARS. We have just completed a new reference regarding guitar cases for left handed guitars and basses. You can read it HERE. This is new to the website and accessible via the DOWNLOADS page. (see tabs above.)

FEBRUARY, 2015. IBANEZ DISCONTINUES LEFTIES. Well, I never thought I'd see the day when Ibanez would dump all their lefty guitars leaving two rubbish quality budget lefties, one totally mediocre bass and two boring and uninspiring acoustics in their range. Seems like they found out about the Gaskell Eagle and decided to throw the towel in? Gone are the days of the lefty RG series.

FEBRUARY, 2015. AUSTRALIAN DOLLAR NOW DOWN 40% From it's highs in 2013/2014, the Australian dollar continues to fall against the US dollar making Gaskell guitars and basses now 40% CHEAPER than before, through exchange rate difference only! Our price is still the same - it's yours thats come down! If you have US dollars and want to save massively on the left handed guitar of your dreams, then NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY A GASKELL. There is no better time. SAVE 40% - it's ridiculous! Note, British Pound and Euro currencies are not far behind either. Wherever you are in the world it really is the time NOW to get your dream left handed guitar. TODAY, not tomorrow. This will not last forever. Get your order in today.

JANUARY, 2015. QUESTIONS ABOUT THE FORMER GASKELL FACTORY LINE. We are still getting people asking about the future of the Gaskell factory line. We love to hear from everyone about anything and everything lefty-related but we thought we'd answer that question here for everyone, considering its 2015 now. While it is true that the Australian dollar has lost considerable value of late and buying a Gaskell is 40% cheaper today than it was in 2013/2014 through exchange rate variation alone, circumstances are still not present to warrant bringing the factory line back. If you ask yourself, how many "$1000 guitars" would you have to buy over 20 years versus how many Custom Shop guitars would you have to buy over 20 years the answer is always going to be anywhere from 5:1 to 10:1. To buy a Custom guitar is cheaper in the long run and so much better. You get THE guitar of your dreams through Custom Shop. If you are interested CLICK HERE to read our 2014 heartfelt article concerning the discontinuing of the Gaskell off-the-shelf factory line. 

JANUARY, 2015. DESIGNS IN THE WORKS. Over the last few months we have put in a good deal of dedication into researching left handed 7 and 8 string guitars. We have found that there actually is a fairly decent range of lefty 7-strings and one or two 8 string lefties. Skervesen and Black Machine are the top-end brands (although Black Machine are not accepting lefty orders currently) and Ibanez and Schecter are at the lower end. As usual though, you are paying too much money for these high-end manufacturers and you get-what-you-given at the lower end. Using our Eagle design we are prototyping a 7 string and an 8 string at the moment. If you have an interest in 7 or 8 string guitars then contact us. We would like to hear from you: what has been your experience with 7 or 8 string lefties? Played a Skerverson? Liked it? Hated it? Played a Schecter? Any surprises? (good or bad.) We are interested. Tell us what you think.

JANUARY, 2015 GOOD NEWS ON PRICING! Right now US, British and European lefties can enjoy prices for Gaskell guitars (and anything made in Australia!) unseen since before the Global Financial Crash of 2008 as our Australian dollar continues to plunge against the US Dollar, British Pound and Euro currencies. Prices are an incredible 30% cheaper now than they have been for the last four years! This is a "currency crash discount" and you can save hundreds of dollars by buying a Gaskell guitar right now. Jump on it. It may not last forever. Incredible savings thanks to the weak Australian dollar! 


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